*Note:  You can save some money by ordering the acme precision lead screw and cutting them to length yourself.  You can also save money by ordering the couplers and acme nuts directly from dumpstercnc.com.  Just order the Gatton CNC kit from their website.  The acme precision lead screw can be ordered from McMaster Carr in 6 foot lengths.  The part number is 99030A704.

24" x 18"Package "A" Only


Nema 23 Stepper Motor Spacer Blocks  made from 3/4" HDPE.  Set of 4 $34.99

24" x 18"Package "A" and "B"


Package "B"

Package "B" includes four 1/2-10 five start Acme Lead screws cut to the proper length and ready to install, four 1/2-10 five start Anti-backlash Acme Lead nuts, four Couplings, and bearing mounting blocks with bearings.

To order the same controller and stepper motors that I'm using click on this link to Xylotex.com and order the Drive Box Kit


The CNC DIY kits are available as "a rolling chassis" which includes all the metal components, hardware, and V-groove bearings listed as Package "A".  This makes it easy for you to add your own acme precision lead screws, acme nuts, and couplers or if you prefer order Package "B" and get your lead screws already cut to the correct length with the acme nuts, couplers AND the bearings and bearing mounts.  All orders will be filled on a "first come first serve" basis.  Feel free to email me at dave@garageworxcnc.com to see if I have the package you want to order in stock and what the current lead time is.  Sorry shipping to continental US only at this time.  Please allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery.

Bearing Mounts with Bearings and mounting hardware.


Bearing Mounts only.  For those of you who want to purchase your own bearings.



​DIY Kits for the CNC enthusiast

The 24 x 18 model is now available with dual X-axis rails just like the 48 x 48 model.